Tuesday, November 15, 2016

One "Wicked" Khador Gun Carriage

New England's own "WickedPaintah" Dan Clark completed a conversion so cool that I had to share it forward! (You know how much I love conversions!)

He felt that the horse-drawn tank just wasn't as cool as...well... an ACTUAL TANK! This is a conversion that has been attempted before by modellers with a variety of results - but Dan's is far and away my favorite (and the best executed) that I have seen to date! Here it is "Wicked" paintjob and all:

The conversion was conceptually pretty straightforward but required skill and patience to execute to this level.  Step one was to separate the sponsons from the chassis.  Dan wrote:

"This was probably the single most critical step, since I needed to preserve all three pieces in good condition.  I ordered a .01″ thickness razor saw from Amazon which did the trick wonderfully."

20160524_201640 20160524_201653

He then filled the resulting holes and smoothed out the surfaces with some milliput and elbow grease making the profiles seamless once more!  The sponsons were glued to the Leman Russ treads and any gaps were cleaned up with more Milliput before mounting the whole assembly back onto the chassis.

20160524_202820 20160524_202845

Finishing touches include toothpaste tube caps as smoke stacks and trench basing details including several crushed Cygnarians! Overall a cool and evocative conversion finished brilliantly by one WickedPaintah!

Take that you dirty swan lovin' gits!!
Cya next week!  

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Great Green Motherland Machines of Mikkel Ernst

At this years WTC one incredible Khador force stood out amongst the crowd in ways that could not be ignored. The weathering, the Freehand, the blending were all on point and Mikkel Ernst of Denmark walked away with the Best painted army award. When I saw this impressive and inspiring force I knew I wanted to share it with my audience here at LITW.  Mikkel agreed and had this to say:

I started painting when I was like 12-13 years old but just a few regiments of WHFB... I then started painting again 7-8 years ago when I became a dad (I'm 32 now) as it's a really nice relaxation process for me in the evening.

My aim has always been to paint armies rather than single mini's, but I've been considering trying to see what I could do if I spend the time on a single mini instead.

If I should pick an area where I would like to improve and has been wanting to for a long time it would be the metals... I think it got a lot better since I started painting layers of the washes rather than just soaking the area in it... but still...

For a FIRST ATTEMPT at freehand....I think Vlad turned out alright ;P

I think we can agree that the results army wise are seriously impressive and I look forward to seeing if Mikkel really does throw down and go all out on a single competition level mini someday!

Something I would like to share though is that you might have noticed the desaturated/washed out colour levels of the photos from the WTC.  I wanted specifically to include these next pictures for my readers sot hat you can see the colours with more clarity and really appreciate the finish:

He was also kind enough to include a few WIP pics giving a brief glimpse into his recent explorations and approach to teaching himself NMM!

 I included some pictures of my try to do NMM coz I never really learned it and would be awesome with some guidelines as well - and it's me trying a new different style (for me) :)

I really like this NMM look - reminds me of the Rackham aesthetic - which is also the style of  NMM that I enjoy painting!

Congrats Mikkel!

What is next for Mikkel?

Apparently a Cryx army though he is still working out ideas in terms of theme and colour scheme. He says:

"I like colors that pop, but would also like a dark and terrifying feel to it...".

 I know that I am definitely looking forward to seeing what he comes up with and wish him all the best with his future work!