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I would like to thank all those who made this happen. They have contributed to my growth as a hobbiest and as an artist in more ways than they could ever really know. Specifically: Erik, Logan, Nic, Mykal, Joe Orteza, Jen Haley, Kemp, Josh, Dragomir, Communistorford, Ma & Pa, my Bros.,The AdeptusBasementus Crew, Mathieu Fontaine, J.B, Bodycote, Diane Armstrong, The CCM group, The Outriders/Grey Knights, The Press Gang and the TNA Crew. Anyone I left off, You know who you are.

Most of all thanx to Lisa, the love of my life, without whom I would truly be lost, and to my kids Jack and Piper who think my toys are cool.

James K. Craig
"Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire" ~ Hatebreed
Name: James K. Craig
Handle: Tkkultist "Thrill Kill Kultist"
Occupation: Teacher - Visual Arts/History
Interests: Miniatures, Movies, Sculpting, Fine Art
Music: Thrill Kill Kult, Boy Sets Fire, Mike Patton
Authors: William Gibson, Neil Gaiman
Artists: Dave McKean, Camille Rose Garcia, Nick DiGenova, Hess, Shag, Eric Joyner

I am Located In Belleville Ontario Canada, and I can be reached by email.

Please give me some indication of what your email is about in the subject field (eg. "commission" or "question") that way I can respond to specific needs in an orderly fashion (thanx in advance!)

Current Projects

  • Cobblepot Bust for Sword and Brush 2016 or World Expo 17
  • Origens Boudicca Bust for Sword and Brush 2016 or World Expo 17
  • Rp Models "Mad" Jack Churchill Bust for Sword and Brush 2016 or World Expo 17
  • Privateer Press Skarre Bust
  • Hordes Trollblood Army(Ongoing) - Up Soon(ish?) Glacier and Mountain Kings!!!
  • Warmachine Merecenaries (Ongoing)
  • Beastmen (Ongoing Forever)
  • "Paint to play" Warmahordes - Cygnar, Cryx, Retribution, Khador, Circle, Legion, Menoth
Hobby Awards
  • 2015 - Sword And Brush Competition - Open Figure - Gold
  • 2015 - Sword And Brush Competition - Vehicle - Gold
  • 2015 - GenCon- Bust/Large  - Silver 
  • 2015 -  P3 Grandmaster Competition - Single Figure - Bronze
  • 2014 - P3 Grandmaster Competition - Diorama - Gold - Best of Category
  • 2014 - P3 Grandmaster Competition - Battlegroup - Bronze 
  • 2014 - GenCon - Machinery of Destruction - Gold - Best of Category
  • DATE - Games Workshop National Competition - Canadian Hobby Champion

Golden Demon  (11+FW Best Of Show)

  • 2011 - Chicago 40k Single -Pin
  • 2011 -Chicago - 40K Vehicle -Pin
  • 2009 - Canada - Forge World Best In Show
  • 2009 - Canada - Diorama - Silver
  • 2009 - Canada - WFB Large - Silver
  • 2009 - Canada - Open - Pin
  • 2009 - Chicago - WFB Large - Pin
  • 2007 - Canada - WFB Regiment - Gold
  • 2007 - Canada - WFB Large - Gold
  • 2006 - Canada - WFB Regiment - Silver
  • 2005 - Chicago - Staff Large - Silver
  • 2004 - Chicago - Staff Large - Silver
  • 2004 - Chicago - Staff Unit - Bronze
  • 2003 - Canada - Battle Scene - Gold
  • 2002 - Canada - Battle Scene - Silver
  • 2001 - Canada - Open Category - Bronze
And 3 more runner up pins - but I willhave to go back and figure out what they were for ;P


  • 2010 - The Lost Games Club Annual 40K Championship - Champion
  • 2009 - The Lost Games Club Annual WFB Championship - Champion
  • 2007 - Astronomicon - Best Army
  • 2006 – Astronomicon – Best Army List
  • 2003 - Astronomicon - Best Army Appearance
White Dwarf Appearances (this REALLY needs to be updated - I will do so ASAP)
  • Canadian White Dwarf: 3
  • North American Dwarf : 263, 275, 282, 287, 310
Other Publications
  • Fantasy Miniatures - Black Library Pub.
  • Cool Mini or Not Annual #1 – CMON

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