Monday, October 24, 2005

Working with Joe

Over the last few years, I have entered into a particularily exciting partnership with my long time friend and mentor Joe Orteza which in the long run will be a part of my Beasts of Chaos army, and potentially an open category entry.

 Joe has been teaching me to sculpt over the last few years and this will be the true product of these lessons.  The core model is a forgeworld resin giant. For those of you unfamiliar with the piece it is a  skinny, gangly and rightfully huge (standing some 10" tall!!!) model. Or at least it was. Now it is fast becoming a fat nurgle loving and even taller (now 11" approx) mutant monstrosity!  So far we have completed the face and chest and now I am on my own without further instruction to finish the back, lower torso and limbs. Needless to say it is taking every bit of talent I can muster to reach for the level of skill that Joe is calling upon me to apply to this very special project.

Aside from this I am working on the "living chariots" for my Beasts. These will be fashioned from Forgeworld Kroot Knarloc Riders and various parts and putty. So far they are looking really great.

I can honestly say I have not had this much fun building an army in years and I really look forward to taking it out for a proper game once it is done.

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