Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Coverage: Games Day Toronto 07

Double Gold!!! 

 Hey all,

     In the wake of my triumphant return from Games Day Toronto where I scored TWO GOLD - one for my pestigors in WFB Unit seen here:

And one for my WFB Large Category - Beasts of Chaos Chariot. This piece can be seen in an earlier post as well as in my downloads section - where you can get a picture of it as a background wallpaper for your computer.

I have nearly 200 photos from the event in the Events section of my my Galleries. Here are some of the highlights:

img_6338.jpg   img_6352b.jpg Tim Kholmetz is even Uglier than me! But his minis are nice ;) CLINT CRONK IS A MADMAN!


 img_6365.jpg Dragomir’s Biker Slayer Sword Winner Vince Hudon

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Malface said...

Once again, congrats buddy! Your entries were well deserved of the trophies and I was glad to see them go your way!

Looking forward to this weekend,