Friday, September 07, 2007


So unless you have had your head where the Emperors light doesnt shine you have probably heard about the new Warhammer 40k expansion APOCALYPSE!

Having had a chance to play and see several games (and a couple of great presentations) I can say that I am totally pumped for this new release and all the silliness that will go along with it!

I am anxious to dust off my tank company (as seen in white dwarf) and to add some great new units to it!  Ill add a baneblade (or several) without a doubt! Aside from that I think a few more russ' to turn my tanks into an "Emperor's Fist"  regiment (see below) and a third artillery vehicle, combined with either one of my Chimera or my Salamander as a spotter vehicle, to make an "Emperor's Wrath" artillery battery.  (I think I may add a medusa and then use my basilisk, griffon and medusa with the latter two "counting as" basilisks. Either that or I actually have another griffon bombard cannon so we shall see!)

Here is a little bit of teaser stuff to help lead up to this game and give a smidge of flavour of what to expect! I hope you enjoy.

 ig_emperors_wrath.jpg ig_emperors_fist.jpg


  sm_line_breaker.jpg sm_battle_comp.jpg sm_masters_of_the_chapter.jpg sm_suppression_force.jpg sm_terminus_land_raider.jpg

tau_armored_interdiction_cadre.jpg tau_rapid_insertion_force.jpg

eldar_wind_rider_host.jpg eldar_cloud_strike.jpg


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