Friday, October 26, 2007

The Road to Astro!

So True Believers I am pleased to announce that I am indeed done! My army is painted and based, my list is written and full of interesting background story/info and my display tray is done!
I will not have time to properly photograph the army before i hit the road so I will have to ask that you check back next week for the coverage of Astronomi-con as well as a full photo gallery of my finished army. (Finished being a relative term - While I finished the 1500 points needed for Astro I have started the bascoating and prepping of several more models to round out this army fully for future events and gaming fun!)

In the meantime I would like to present finished pictures of my display tray - an important thing not only for moving around my army but a scoring requisite for Astronomi-con!





Well I think it turned out just great! C'yall next week.

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