Friday, May 23, 2008

May madness has once again infected The Lost!

Last may club members - notably Frosty, Maleval and Algoroth - started a month long painting marathon to inspire their fellow gamers. This year they have resurrected the idea - transforming it into an exciting and growing local tradition. I would invite you all to check it out by going to (actually there is a button on the left side of the screen which will take you there!)

This year my personal goal is the last 7 Zoats for my army (maxing out all the destroyer and heavy destroyer and destroyer lord unit selections) and a second unit of 20 Fimir (warriors). The goal was thoroughly unreasonable and certainly beyond what I figured would finish but it does drive me to try. So far I have painted 5 Zoats and 9 Fimir, prepped and primed the other Fimir AND made solid progress on my golden demon entry for Toronto (Only 1 month away!!!) so I'm really quite pleased thus far!

Here are some additional pics of projects the club guys succeeded in finishing! I hope you all enjoy and check out the rest at!

Algoroth's "travel edition" space hulk :

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