Monday, November 16, 2009

Blogging the Beasts 5 - The Beasts are Back (storytime!)

Back on the blog wagon with good cause - I was happy to leave up my forgeworld review for a while but I have not been idle in the meantime! As my readers know I am a long time fan of the Beastmen and have been really anxious to push forward and create some momentum towards "finishing"my army to a playable level.

What you may not yet have heard is that GW have officially announced the release of the new Beasts of Chaos (or more accurately the new BEASTMEN book) I have been pumped for this for months and it is finally really real. I am completely over the top excited!


In recognition of this momentous announcement I am going to post something cool that I stumbled across in some old files on my computer - at one point there had been a plan to feature my army and part of its construction on both the Canadian GW website and in the Canadian White Dwarf (Neither of which really exist anymore). I wrote a multi part series of articles for GW including this little story which would accompany one of the articles (I always liked that format where they would have the little boxed story element along with battlereports or informative articles). It never saw print but I figured since this is a collected topic following all things to do with my army Id include it here anyway. Enjoy!

        Aluthir knew the end was near, the glade guard had been run down and the beloved tree kin had been reduced to little more than kindling for the Beasts unholy fires.  His heart heavily laden with sorrow, the venerable Wood Elf raised the horn of his father and with one clear shrill note called for the retreat of his remaining forces. Like a ghost Aluthir began to slip amongst the shadows of the woods retreating to deeper hidden places where the beasts would not be able to follow, for the time being at least.

The venerable waywatcher paused momentarily to listen for sounds of pursuit when with a sudden flash of pain all the air was knocked from his lungs.  A long thick tentacle possessed of immense and unnatural strength slammed Aluthir into a nearby oak shattering his bones.  Filled with desperation and adrenaline the elf struck out against the limb which held him, only to discover it was solid wood and wholly unmoved by his attack!  Aluthir began to cry as he realised the true extent of this monsters corruption, having turned even the woods against its favoured children.


Morghur looked upon the devastation he had wrought and was pleased, but not satisfied. He had chased his foe from the field of battle and had revelled in their deaths but the visions drove him on. The skulls whispered to him of an ancient spring that would bring him greater power yet, a place his enemies held most holy and where they birthed their accursed young.  This is the place to which the Elves would retreat, lick their wounds and strike at him once more. He would not allow that.

Draghar, the first amongst his disciples, approached and reported that the trail of the dead stretched long through the woods and that the sacred spring had indeed been found.   Morghur looked up at the corpse of an Elf crushed against the tree above him and smiled. He would fulfil another of his cataclysmic visions and quiet the voices, if only for a time. Morghur would see this place destroyed.

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