Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Auction is On!

The Auction has Started and can be found HERE 

UPDATES FROM DAVE! I have just heard that Gale Force Nine will be donating a set of themed tokens and templates for the army, and Battlefoam will be providing a P.A.C.K. 432 case and custom foam for this army. I have just sent the tracings of the army off to Battlefoam and hope to have the case very soon. Note: these two donations are added to this auction. It will greatly enhance the pleasure of gaming with this army (great tokens and templates, plus no worries about transporting it anywhere)

In addition, my employer (Battlefront Miniatures) will be shipping this army completely free of charge to the buyer, to any destination in the world!

Thank you to these three businesses, and everyone who has bid so far, for your support!

I've had a lot of people ask me how they can help out (as they don't have the spare cash to buy the army), and that is just awesome! I've been bugging Justin (surfer) and John (father), my friends, for their Paypal addresses so that if you would like to help financially (and directly) you can send a few dollars their way.John's Paypal address is: soundeagle AT aol DOT com

Justin's Paypal address is: mcconnelljs AT gmail DOT com

Over the years I've met a lot of great people in this hobby,and spent a ton of time talking about collecting, modeling, painting and gaming with toy soldiers. This has meant I have a lot of contacts who run very popular websites and blogs all about toy soldiers. Their help already has pushed this auction a long way, and garnered it a lot of attention. It would be wrong of me to let all that attention just fade away, so here come the preachy bits...

• Back in April I was involved in a car accident that totaled my car (I was completely unhurt though). The shortfall between the insurance money and the cost of a similar replacement car was going to be considerable. The fine readers of this blog stepped up and helped me out.

• In May I was approached by John and Mike from Santa Cruz Warhammer to participate in a collaborative army building project for charity that really developed a run away life of its own, the Storm Wardens Army Build. A group of 8 or so bloggers raised $16,000+ for Doctors Without Borders, a worthy cause indeed.

• In June and July, two of my friends and co-workers suffered tragedies. Both events not only left their own emotional and physical scars, but also quite a few of the financial kind. That's why I decided to get back on the charity bandwagon. It's a great feeling to do what you can for those who need help. If you know those that need help, then all the better.

So, I think the real answer to the question "What can I do to help?" is a two parter:

a) if you can help Justin and John out financially, then drop them a few dollars via the Paypal addresses above. If you know them and can't spare the bucks, drop them a line or give them a call. Support is always appreciated.

b) take a look around you locally, think about something you can do to make the life of someone around you a little better. Donating to a charity, helping out at a shelter at Thanksgiving, hosting a dinner party for friends, volunteering to cook the hot dogs for your block party, building some terrain for your FLGS, or giving your grandmother a call to chat about her week - there are plenty of things you can do to . I'm a big fan of small steps and beginning locally.

Preachy bits over.

Thank you all so much for your support.  



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