Thursday, April 07, 2011

Rhulic Rampage 5 - It aint easy being Green!

So when last we left our stunty hero Gorten and his mechanised brute squad, I was preparing to finish the chipping on the rust layers followed by a layer of testors dullcote to seal it all together.

Here are some shots of the finished rust layers
(just click to enlarge if you want a closer look):
Next up was the green main body colour. I added some Tamiya Clear to the mix though in retrospect I dont think this was neccessary. It would add a bit of satin sheen in contrast to
the flat tones beneath but because I was using dullcote to seal in the end I think it was redundant... not really sure as it did give the paint a different quality and feel but I dont know if it was enough to warrant the extra product. Either way I mixed a few colours to produce the highlight and shadow tones and sprayed it all (again) over a hairspray coat. Now I had to be more careful and thoughtful in my chipping process - to try and keep it looking both natural and asymmetrical. (Sorry in advance that some of these pics arent as well lit/shot as the previous ones. I was fooling around with the settings on my camera and really should have known better.....)

Something else I learned in this process. More hairspray=easier chipping. Dont skimp. Let it dry.  Also, while I am glad I did the two rust coats for the practice and experience of doing it, one would likely have been sufficient considering how much shows through the paint... and i could have done done chipping in that coat as even with the addirional seal I found more came off with this round of stripping as well. Overall I amd very pleased with how this all came out! Next up is to add chipped and worn numbers to this layer so that it will all be weatered in the following steps along with the rest of the surface paint.
With this done it was time to seal it one more time, put away the airbrush, remove the tape and get the paintbrushes back out! My finish isnt as realistic as the one from the AK site but I am rather pleased with the overall outcome and am looking forward to taking it even further with some additional techniques and a HUGE STACK of new products that I have been dying to try! - Tune in to see just what I use and how it is done!

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