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The Lost 2011 40k Championships

A Secret Preview of the New Necrons?
 Nope just my son soaking up some Gamma Rays! He wants to grow up to be the Hulk...or an Astronaut Dentist...
he local annual 40K championship has come and gone and with the dust settled I can say it was an awesome day overall with players coming from all over (Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston and even New York State!) to challenge our local crew from Trenton and Belleville. 14 players brought fully painted 1850 point armies and a hunger for good fun competition!

I was the defending champion after having won the event last year with my Ork army (so sweet!) and thisyear I brought along my "counts as" Necrons force comprised of Fimir (Necron Warriors) and Zoats (Destroyers/Heavy Destroyers/Destroyer Lord) If you search back through the site for fimir or zoat you will find more entries on this army.

So the day went like this:

Round 1 - because he was the last to arrive I played my buddy Jamie and his marine force. He had multiple characters (the sniper one and shrike) as well as termies, LR, rhino squads and a scout squad. He was to have the first turn so he positioned them agressively. He was ready to bring a world of pain unless.....yep......I stole the initiative and proceeded to immobalise his LR, wipe out his scout squad (except the character) and cripple his assault squad. OOF. I actually felt bad so a couple of turns later when I had finished clearing him from the table I took him for a coffee, my treat.

Round 2 - I was up against Paul (who won Best Army) and his amazing looking Noise marine force.  This was an army that could well equal mine in shooting and in many ways resilience. I spent the entire first turn shooting his demon prince and making sure it wouldnt be wading into my lines. Paul played pretty cautiously though and tried to move into a pincer but did so far too slowly and from too far away. I basically bunkered in one corner and shot anything that started to get close (darn deepstriking termies and oblits nearly did me in!) All in all I kept him out of my line and his inability to close with me meant that I did plenty to win.

Round 3 - I was in first place which meant that I was seeded against the third place player in the tournament for the final round. At that point it was Cassidy (who won best General) he was clearly in third for the amount of destruction he had laid upon his opponents with his Grey Knight force. It was 3 land raiders, 3 minimum size troop squads with razorbacks and two characters (Drago? and a Librarian) It was a pretty hard list. He deployed the troops outside of their transports and used the Land Raiders to bus them around with the characters all under the protection of the shrouding while the razors became moving gun platforms. A few hard fought turns later I had immobalized his two main raiders thus boxing in most of the rest of his stuff. A few more shots and an unlucky (for him) dangerous terrain roll and he was stranded in one table quarter. I thrn proceeded to totally screw up in the last turn of the game by moving a FA unit into an empty quarter (which only a troop could claim DOH!) and not moving another one into one of his to contest. So in the end I won 10 to 6 instead of 13 to 3 or something like that. Meh - it was a solid game against a terrifying foe and a chance to play someone I never had before. As such I think it was great all around.

And when all was said and done the winners were:
Best Sportsman - Chris Kemp

Best Army - Paul Levy

Best General - Cassidy Dubois

Best Overall - Me Sukahaz!!! Yep I won again. 2 years in a row and darn proud of it!

Id like to take this opportunity to thank all those who came out for the day and who have supported our events throughout the year - in particular Bob Collins of J&B Books Trenton. Thanks for giving us such a great place to play and providing a true central hub for our club!

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