Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rhulic Rampage 9 - Rhulic Reveal! First battle group finished!

 Pretty/Finished pics (or at least as good as I could shoot) as promised!

Over that last number of weeks I have been showing some steps in the development of my very first Warmachine battlegroup. I discussed choosing the Rhulic forces and deciding to try a series of wholly new techniques and styles to develop these models.  After much hard worrk and worry as to whether I was doing the right thing I have to say that I am really pleased in the end. I have tried a great deal of new ideas and feel that while there is certainly room to fine tune further, I have created something really orginal and really great looking. I am extremely pleased with the overall look of the models and
while my photography will never actually do them justice (so much better in person... ah well) I think that even these photos will show off the quality and cool factor of these very nicely.

Beyond that, if the proof is as they say "in the pudding", I have had more than 1000 unique visitors a day to this site which tells me that I have intrigued some of you out there and am doing something right. Thank you so much for continuing to check me out and supporting this site.  I have a LOT more cool things to share this year and will be pushing my warmachine force in some cool new directions as it continues to grow, as Wrath is released and as I play and learn more about the game. I also have piles of new Warhammer stuff to share (more of my award winning Beastmen for starters), historical models, a bunch of cool scenery on the go and some new entries for the Golden Demon competition in Chicago!

Stay Tuned and feel free to ask if there is anything in particular you want to see!
James AKA TKKultist

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