Thursday, May 31, 2012

DUST: Major Tina Baumann WIP

From the DUST website:
Major Tina Baumann is the head of the Abwehr for the Neue Deutsches Afrika Korps, the famed NDAK. She is a master counter-spy. When confronting a suspect, she is known to let her vicious pet hyena, Hyäne, do most of the questioning.
Major Baumann’s headquarters are based in Tripoli, Libya. People who enter her compound without wearing an Axis uniform are never to be seen again. Sometimes, even those who wear the uniform disappear for her wrath knows no boundaries.
One Bad @$$ Chick and her pet hyena coming up! I sculpted some desert terrain on a flat base blank and added a couple of items for interest - a small ammo crate and part of a damaged panzer fender starting to  dissappear under the shifting sand. Later I will add more small rocks and scrub as well.

Here is a very early WIP shot of something I had been working at for a while, set aside and am now eyeing up to finish. It is from Paolo Parente's DUST universe but one of the bigger 1/35 scale pieces instead of the tactics/warfare 1/48 scale (approx 25-28mm). This is the first painting pic for this one - as you can see the colours have all been blocked out on the uniform and hyena and a first set of highlights is likewise being added though little blending is apparent as of yet.

I primarily used the AK interactive DAK paint set to work on the tones of the jacket along with a bit of GW gryphonne sepia. Here you can see it developed a bit further and really see the tones coming together. I did a lot of research to find proper uniform colours and was surprised to find the variety of finishes on real artifacts.
Part of this is because in the real DAK it was respected to have your uniform faded out as it showed the length of time you had been in the harsh sun and conditions, as such I have tried to create a faded look but, as befitting an officer of rank, I have also tried to keep everything looking crisp and proper.

The pants were painted with Vallejo colours and the boots are primarily GW graveyeard earth blended with some of the AK Interactive dunklegelb set of colours and also a touch of catachan green. I used bestial brown and vallejo Camo black brown for the leather bits around the toes.

Here I think the jacket is really starting to come together, I am nearly ready to call these highlights and shadows finished. I love the faded but well kept look and the apearance of different fabrics across the figure. Time to give a bit more love to the base and the hyena...

I absolutely love this figure and was planning on finishing it for GenCon this year, though now that I am not going until 2013 I suppose I can take my time, take it to some historical comps first and then haul it down to indy ;)

 I have two other 1/35 scale DUST pieces on my table as well. A Jagdluther and a Bergeluther....
 They will wait a little longer though. I am going to focus on finishing this, my B1 Bis, a few Warmachine pieces, and my special combined project with Shawn "PsychosisPC" Welte from the Madhouse Workshop!

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