Saturday, November 24, 2012

A "Nightmare"-ish couple weeks of painting....

So first of all - thanks to all who have tuned in acrosss the last couple weeks to see my new project with my friends get launched and take flight. There have been 5500+ views since Part 1 was published and with lots more to come I can only aticipate this picking up even more speed and taking on a life of its own!

At this point both Shawn and Mike's pieces have been primed and preshaded with my airbrush. Pretty minimal work all told. The reason for the bit of a stall is that several months ago, I agreed to help out with a special Charity fundraiser night by completing a bunch of large paintings with my students. The theme is a celebration of the art and creations from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.
 We took on six 4ftx5ft canvases and spent about 3 weeks getting them all painted up for the event.

30x4 ft of painting... great to see it all together!

For a quick turn around (remember the students have only about 5 hours a week to contribute) and  a whole lotta shortcuts and finishing work by me, I think they still turned out pretty good. The event organizers were thrilled and these will be a great part of the event (and of many of the student's portfolios!)

These will eventually be sold, auctioned and raffled off to raise money for charities and for the Games Club at the school where I teach. A pretty neat project all around, but I am thrilled to be done and EXTREMELY anxious to get back to something in a 28mm scale instead!
I Love this one with the monsters making snow angels!

See you next week with a little something smaller....

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