Thursday, April 17, 2014

Back From the Dead!

Much like the Zombie Apocalypse more posts are (finally) coming!

I prefer this Blog to be considered undead for the moment as it is still as much dead as alive but.... I am on the verge of a (hopefully) triumphant return from the perilous trials of my daily life.

I have a few cool things to post but truthfully since my move I haven't painted anything of note, nor had much of an opportunity to game. Between the move and some significant changes and challenges at work, I haven't been keeping up on hobby life. 

Now, however, I see a light at the end of the tunnel and am pretty sure it isn't an oncoming train. This means it will be time to get back to form, practice and prepare for tournament play and for painting competitions this summer. I have actually started on one project and ordered the parts I need for another. I have also been working on a few tabletop projects as a warm up to more delicate painting and have fallen head over heels for a new Warmahordes army! This means that I have a few things photographed for this blog and just need to get the write ups together. I intend to line up several articles before posting any so that the roll out will be smooth and give me a little leeway should anything else pop up.

I have been also confirmed for some teaching and charity fun at GenCon this summer and will be competing in a couple of miniature related painting comps there  with the MHE and Privateer Press and may even squeeze in a Soda Pop Miniatures piece if I am lucky. So details on all of that to come as well.

Specific things upcoming on this Blog
- Special Basing techniques!!!!!! (ONE OF THE THINGS I AM TEACHING AT GENCON)
- Competition entries - building & painting
- Khador Gun Carriage and additional models
- Cygnar Army
- Trollblood Army
- Cryx Army
- Menoth quick and effective painting guide
- Getting Back on track with the "with a little help from my friends" project
- Beastmen  units for my army (I don't even play Warhammer anymore but I cant help myself!)
- Munny conversions and painting (populist sculpture anyone?)
-  DUST Tactics
- Wargaming Terrain
- Product Reviews
- Finishing some things I started a long time ago....

Now im going to stop typing this and get  to work on all of that - see ya soon!
James AKA TKKultist

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