Friday, November 21, 2014

In Memory Of A Truly Great Grandpa

Last night, the world lost one of the finest, bravest and most gentle people to ever have walked it. My grandfather was a hero, not just for his courage in times of war but for his loving leadership of our family. I know my son always thought of his great grandpa as nothing short of a super hero in the flesh - a powerful and mysterious figure who made him feel safe and special.

He was one of my paradigms of manhood and kindness. He was one of the smartest most talented people I have ever known. Mechanic, naturalist, collector, artist, there never seemed to be any limit to what he was capable of. He inspired me constantly. I will never forget the conversations we had when I went overseas to walk in his steps as I visited Juno beach, Holland and France - these are footprints I could never dream or hope to fill.  When I picture him in my memory it is the photo of him and I at my wedding that comes first to mind.

Pride and happiness, these fill my heart as I think of him even though I am currently sad for myself and my family.

I also want to take this moment to tell my own father how much I love him, he is just like grandpa in so many loving wonderful ways.

As long as our family holds on to our memories and to each other Ted Craig will continue to live on in us all.

Here is a beautiful tribute to him written by my equally beautiful cousin Chelsea,

Let me tell you about an incredible man:

In a white house with a green roof and a giant bean tree out front lived a man with kind blue eyes and a face lined from years of smiling.

This man was born on a farm in Quebec many years ago. He was hardworking and loved his family and country. When his country asked its young men to go to Europe and fight to protect their homes and freedom, he answered the call. Unlike many others, he came home at the end of the war.
The kind man became a father to four beautiful children. In time, he also became a grandfather and a great-grandfather.

When his granddaughter started school across from his house, he was there at the end of his driveway, each and every day to meet her afterwards. He would have juice boxes and cookies for her as an afternoon snack and he would show her movies with beautiful landscapes and tell her stories about his life.

As she got older and learned to read, he would pick out books for her and have them set aside for when she came over. He taught her to love reading and learning. This kind man took the little girl on walks in the backyard and the countryside around his house, pointing out birds and plants and teaching her all of their names. He taught her that nature was something to love and be treasured. 
As the little girl grew up, she still visited her grandfather every day after school. On the night of the girls’ high school prom, she stopped at her grandfather’s house to show him her dress and her grandfather told her how beautiful she looked. When she was older, she would still come to visit whenever she could and they would talk about books they had read or animals they had seen. The little girl, now all grown up, loved her grandfather very much.

Sadly today, after over 90 years in this world, the man with the kind blue eyes and face lined from smiling passed away. Grandpa, I love you so much. You represented all the very best of this world and I will miss you so much.


greggles said...

Sorry for your loss. It is no consolation, but he will live on in your memories, and in the impact he's had on your life!

TKKultist said...

Thank you Greg - and to all my loyal readers who have sent me well wishes.

I will attempt to get back on track with a hobby post next week.

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