Friday, November 07, 2014

Warders week Day 5 - Trollblood Warders - the end?

Totally pleased with the work thus far - I think the unit looks great - just one problem now.....

Warder - basically as per the box set
Today's warder is a bit of a fail on my part, only because I didn't plan well enough ahead. I have now created a group of trophy carrying, face smashing, blunt force trauma inducing baddies for my Trollblood force. Here he is as he stands right now

With all the weird spiky weapon swaps outs I was doing, I still intended to keep both the big hammers that come in the basic unit..... but last night I had a moment of inspiration for adding yet one more personal touch to a model that, at this time, is straight from the box - nothing personalized/no special cool stuff - just a slight arm reposition.

I had missed out on using one of the biggest and coolest hammers in the whole game - belonging to old double hammers to the face himself AXIS the Harmonic Enforcer!

I absolutely LOVE his model and am picking him up as a caster for the army used by the kids at the club that I help out with and PG for - so now I'm just going to have to order up an extra bit from PP at the same time to share across to my warders. That means you will just have to use you imagination for now picturing the Warder above with a fancy new hammer head on his battle weapon.....

Well I hope you have enjoyed this special week of daily posts - I will be back next week with my regularly scheduled update.

Coming soon: Diorama build - Privateer Press P3 Grandmasters winning piece, Khador Battle Engine, Beastmen, More DUST, and LOTS MOAR TROLLZ!!!


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