Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Quick Model Review: Hordes Trollkin FennBlades

So, as reported I have stumbled down the path of madness adding another faction to my regular play stable - in this case branching out from my tried and true Warmachine Mercs into Hordes Trolls!
The weird thing with the troll models I have worked on to date is the disparity in quality - The Warders were a nightmare to clean and prep, The Storm Troll - an absolute dream! quick, easy to clean, nice fit and assembly - minimal fill, the Winter Troll a fun little piece in need of a bit of extra converting love and now.... I come to the Fennblades. How will they stack up?

Yes to this guy! :)
These are one of the coolest looking units the Trolls have (IMHO). With their kilts, mixed armour and BIG HONKIN swords they are real attention grabbing models. Their rules are also solid especially with UA/minifeat. Just a fun crew all around really! So I bought em. And I got the UA.... And the Kilt Lifter (from GenCon).

These models came packaged in little baggies of goodness. Each model  is comprised of a body with attached head and slot to insert the back parts of their tabard/kilt (similar in structure to the Storm troll body segments - pretty decently engineered for easy assembly and easy to hide/camouflage seams) and separate full arms attached to the sword OR glove/sword combos that once again fit on shaped pegs for minimal wiggle room. I do prefer the glove sets for entirely avoiding part seams but even the arm ones hide easily to be honest. The Mold lines on these models are present but really quite reasonable and in positions that are generally easy to remove. Once again Kudos for well thought out tooling/casting!

 What was most impressive was that once I quickly cleaned these up they virtually snapped together! the fit was so snug that I didn't really need to glue most of these models' hands on at all (I did - but I really didn't need to!) Those are some fantastic tolerances and it is really nice to find models that assemble so well.

So here are the first 3 in all their glory - Super quick, easy to assemble and looking cool. I'm not even going to do any real converting with this unit at this time - I'm just really pleased overall with these models and look forward to many games and moments of fast paced mayhem with these guys!

Great set PP - well done!


greggles said...

I really like the center guy. I wish the other two didn't have a similar pose though. They look good, but it would be nice to have a different pose for each figure!

TKKultist said...

Im counting on the way I plae them on their bases and adjust paint schemes to add the impression of variety in the unit