Wednesday, March 18, 2015


So I spent today hanging out with my friend Erik. You may have seen some posts of models I have painted for him in the past including Harkevich, Sorcha in White and most recently his Gun carriage. Well... Today I just sat down and knocked this out:

Sorry the phone pics arent awesome - Ill do a proper photo shoot with it someday soon(ish)

I used Vallejo Air metallics for the first time and they sprayed really well. I also used the Ammo Of Mig Acrylic thinner for the first time in my airbrush - HOLY GEEZ why did it take me so long to try this! I dont think I have ever had paints go through my airbrush this easily and without clogging - quick rinse colour changes, hours of spraying, brushes set aside and not a single problem. Pretty neat!

Black primer, p3 bloodstone & Khador red, Vallejo Air Ferrari Red, Bronze, Steel &Nato Black

Not going to win any major awards but looks pretty darn cool for an afternoon of work! :) Erik is pleased and I look forward to seeing this fully finished.