Friday, January 01, 2016

New Year = New Start at LITW (Yup I am back!)

First off, Happy New Year!
Second - man am I looking forward to a new year, and leaving this one in the past.
Before I start rambling, posting pics of minis and slinging paint I want to shout out great thanks to all who will continue to read what I post on Thank you to the community of friends who make all this possible and worthwhile.

2015 was a rough year for me.  The first part was spent dealing with the loss of my Grandfather and figuring out how my family was going to look and relate in the wake of losing the man who was very much the lynch pin at the centre of us all. By Spring we discovered that my mother had brain cancer and by fall she too had passed. I am very much still reeling from this, but have looked to this hobby of ours, and my amazing community of family and friends, as a way of healing and trying to move forward.

BTW - Fuck You Cancer.

There were a few high points to this year - my kids are growing into super amazing people, Star Wars is a force to be reckoned with once more, I got to paint with Fernando Ruiz of Fer miniatures and learned the value of unicorn tears as a paint additive, GenCon was fun, my wife continues to support my love of little toys and painting, my hobby skills continue to grow, and a wonderful new figure painting event/competition (the Sword and Brush) launched in Toronto.

But it is the future I really want to look to now, and getting this blog back on track is an important step in that direction for me.

Here are a few of the things to expect in 2016 now that Lost In The Warp (LITW) is back up and running:

1. A full build log of my award winning Boromir Bust - my first bust and one of the last gifts I recieved from my Mom - I really wanted to do this piece up right and I really feel that I have. I am proud and it is one of my favourites to be sure. The first post in this series will go up in January.

2. For Christmas, my incredible wife and children bought me a model that I am super excited to work on.
It will me a mighty challenge even after the success I found in painting my first bust this year. It is the Bust of Mad Jack Churchill by RP Models. If you dont know the story of Mad Jack give him a quick google - he really was quite the character!
I will be sharing details about this kit and a detailed build log over this year.

3. Trolls!!!!!!!!! I want to push ahead with my trollblood army this year and do some real painting. I built LOTS of stuff for it over the last 16 months - well over 100 points built - but haven't painted much of anything.
It is really time that I finish up my Mega Mulg and Extreme Rok as well as the amazing bomber and bouncer conversions I have made!
This project will give me a chance to try out a few new techniques learned from Fernando Ruiz as well as incorporating some ideas from the folks at Painting Buddha (who I support through Patreon). Also I want to try out some new colour combinations with my new Scale 75 paints - I am really enjoying them so far and think that these are what I was waiting for as I was trying to figure out blue skin tones.
I also have this crazy masochistic desire to learn to paint complex plaid for another project (see #4) so i figure this will be a fine place to practice.

Pepa's work is SO beautiful!
4. Plaid Tartan. Good lord why am I doing this? I have the AMAZING Boudicca bust I won from Origen miniatures. The one pictured here is by Pepa and is one of my absolute favourite pieces. I want to paint mine a bit darker overall with my family tartan which is dramatically more complex than the beautiful one Pepa Saavedra has chosen.... I don't know how I am going to manage this so stay tuned as I fumble my way through!

5. A sculpt. A few years back I was more interested in sculpting than anything else hobby wise, now I feel i have let many of these skills lapse and I really want to get back into this really satisfying process of creation. I have chosen a subject, pushed myself into a fall due date (for a competition) and am excited to see where this adventure takes me!

6. Another bust..... yeah a third one. Why? Truth is this has little to do with it being "trendy" right now and more to do with the excitement of trying something different and extending my skills in new directions. This third one will have a VERY different palette and is something REALLY special.... it is currently one of a kind and unlikely something that anyone but me will end up with. I am hoping it will also cross over as a key competition level piece for me. I can say no more at this time except that it is INCREDIBLY cool and will likely make it to the blog in q2 and 3 of 2016....

7. A return to a very special project. I started a project called "With a little help from my friends" about 2 years ago - just before I moved and my life went sideways.  I have some commitments to fulfil in doing this and it is high time I made headway with this super cool opportunity - Models by several of my favourite modellers (who also happen to be friends) Shawn PPC Welte, Mike Butcher, Dragomir, Kirill Zhilkov, Brice Cocanour, Todd Swanson, and the incomparable Chris Borer(!!!!) among others!

8. DUST - now that the *ahem* dust has settled from the horrible way that Battlefront mishandled the kickstarter, DUST is poised to make huge leaps and bounds forward in the gaming community. The models are cool, the alternate WW2 setting is superb and the team behind this is fantastic. I have a crap ton of this stuff now and more on the way in a couple months now that the KS deal has been settled. I have even gone about commissioning some custom decals for my forces. :) What's more, my friend Mariano Pagotti has sculpted part of the cast of one of my favourite war movies - Kelly's Heroes - in 1/48 scale for this game! 2016 should be an amazing year for this game and I really look forward to making some models for it!

Well enough talking about what I intend to do - time to go make some of it happen! First to clean my work room, give the airbrush a sonic bath and prep some space for all these new projects ;)

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