Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Kindred Spirit in the Chop Shop!

If you have been enjoying my little updates on converting my troll models you will probably love this post!

If you want to do an Epic Troll conversion first you have to remove the head....My friend Ruin here will show you how!

Kommandant Sanders gonna need a
big bucket for this Chicken!
In the spirit of all the conversions I've been showing recently, I thought I would take the chance to point you at one of my favorite blogs about converting and making super cool Warmachine models.  Tom Mennes build incredibly cool armies with a great flair for super dramatic conversion work (which he follows up with really solid paint in really personal and creative schemes). His output is equally impressive given the quality of the work.

Fun models - dramatic poses, and great creative work. I'm watching this one and hope you will too! Definitely worth reading back through his posts as well!!!!!!! LOTS of great tips and Step by step builds!

His Khador army is full of really creative conversions and I absolutely LOVE his paint scheme. Supurb techniques and great unity mean that even with the wild conversions everything is identifiable, cool and harmonious. So well handled. Most of his work is converted - using plastic stock, tubing and a little greenstuff - but really isn't beyond the realm of others to learn from and attempt on their own. He is really good at showing key steps and materials and explaining his process from concept to creation.

Robo Seraph with Gatling Blight.... AWWW YEAH!
His Everblight army is one of the craziest full army conversions I have seen in Warmahordes. It is simply brilliant! And the paint style on it makes me REALLY want to paint my trolls all in moonlight and glow.... This guys plays to the rule of cool and defys expectations - but always keeps opponents, recognition and playability in mind. A true kindred spirit, I hope I get to meet him at some point because I can think of few armies anywhere or in any game that I would rather see across the table from me.Keep up the amazing work Tom!

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