Tuesday, April 05, 2016

{T}Rolling along - Runeshaper conversion #1

Hey folks - Back at the workbench again - Had an idea for a new rune shaper model!

Now I don't play Runes of War/Runeshaper Spam but I do have a couple lists I want to play that use one or two units of Runeshapers - my one Jarl list in particular looks to use them as support for the Dire Troll Bomber either throwing AOE hammers to clear out infantry or using themselves as living auto KD missiles to give the bomber targets made of even the highest Def models.....

I have one unit that I will build the models nearly stock, but I need three more to compliment them and make up the six bodies I need for 2 units.

As I'll probably mix the stock ones and the custom ones across the units (I think this may increase recognisability and reduce opponent confusion) I will also need to make sure the aesthetic is clearly connected as well.

So like last week I grabbed one of my extra Dhunian Knot models - the seated one - and made two very simple additions to emphasise the Runeshaper design elements - I first took a piece of the the magical rock formation effect from the runeshaper set and bent and reworked it so that with only a few extra greenstuff rocks it reached from her one hand to the other - nothing screams runeshaper like magical rock shennanigans!

Then I strapped a runeshaper hammer to her back (bits ordered from PP) - clearly arming her to match her peers. With just these two little tweaks and the fact that she is already covered in small rock medallions - she fits perfectly into the runeshaper unit look. All that was left was to choose a base from my CMON basing system and it appears from frontal views as though she is floating above the stone.

Cool stuff - easily done! She will be a treat to paint!

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