Tuesday, September 13, 2016

So I did a thing.... Gobber Tinker Part 1

So Im going to start by giving away the end of the story...

I built a Privateer Press Gobber Tinker model and took it to the always AMAZING Sword And Brush competition in Toronto this past weekend and won this year's theme award "Best Orc or Goblin" sponsored by the awesome folks at Big Child Creatives.

I had a wonderful day meeting up with friends, helping to judge many of the categories and just seeing a Tonne of fantastic work.

Special Shout out to David Faust Du Sablon who took both Peoples Choice and Judges Choice Best In Show Awards!

So now that you know how it all ends - lets see how It started. As many of my readers are aware I LOVE to make things.... MUCH moreso than to paint them. I have shown my many troll conversions over the past months but have as of yet to settle on a paint scheme to finish them all.  In fact following the painting of Boromir and my Prototype WW1 tank last fall that I powered through in the wake of my mothers passing - I have found it incredibly difficult to sustain any painting and have completed almost nothing for a year now. I really needed to get back on the right path so this summer I quickly painted a couple of pieces for demoing the new MK3 Warmachine edition and taught a class in painting at a store. With these baby steps behind me it was time to dive back in properly and with the Sword and Brush I had a clear (albeit short) deadline to meet. So I figured I might as well take on the theme piece for the year and went rummaging through my hobby room where I found the Tinker! A useful enough piece in the game and a characterful little guy I still know I would have to do something significant to elevate him to a competition worthy piece though......
That's when I remembered this little piece of art that I had seen in a No Quarter Magazine some time back.

I know I couldn't fit all of that on a medium base to stay game legal, but I figured that the inspiration could lead me down an interesting path! So I started by buying a second hand Cygnar Jack and chopping it up! I also grabbed an extra Rover I had and stole a leg from it.... to add to the cobbled together vision! (click on any pic to see it larger BTW)

I originally cut the gobber in half to sit him down to drive but then I had a great idea while watching Pacific Rim - and I immediately glued the gobber back together and patched him with some putty so that he could command while standing atop the 'Jack! I made sure to include all the key identifiable parts of the gobber model - the cart the scrap even the handles, basically I just left off the wheels and went from there! I added some brass etch details from Etch Master (wonderful products!!!!) and built new hips and arm stumps and supports for the scrap bin from styrene, wire and a couple of plastic Grandt Line Rivets.

A copper wire made for the top part of the pedal assembly with a random Tamiya bit supporting below. A Tamiya tow chain, some plastic distressed to look like wood, a bit of brass tubing, brass mesh, some Forgeworld brass barbed wire, some gears and hoses from DragonForge Design,  and a chop/reposition of the gobbers arms gave me this Franken-monstrosity!

Next Week - Ill show you the paint on this piece and coverage shots of the Event!


Zab said...

Congrats! How was it this year? Bigger? Last years turn out was insane so I can only imagine this years...

General Hans von Zieten said...

no official count yet but estimates are attendance was about the same as last year with slightly less entries in the competition .

this is a great model , so far out of the box thinking for the conversion !

TKKultist said...

Thanks guys - definitely less pieces on the tables but still LOTS of super high quality work!
A great show that I REALLY look forward to again next year.