Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Return of the Ma.K - Dragomir's "Last Prayer" Diorama

I have long been a fan of Ma.K (Maschinen Krieger). The time worn historically inspired, anime-esque aesthetic is just cool.

Today I am pleased to present a photo SBS of a Ma.K. build by one of my friends Dragomir Milanovic. Readers will have seen him multiple times in this blog (he even has his own label here!) because aside from being a friend, he is one of the finest and most inspiring modeler's I know.

This piece, entitled "Last Prayer", was something the he picked away at over a couple years in between other projects. I think it is absolutely stunning in its final presentation.

Here (in photos) is how it was made:

The face was a bit bland and uninspiring, and Dragomir had a different direction in mind anyway so a new skull was in order....

A new layer of tattered clothing and equally tattered skin really helped to start setting the tone... 

After some rough/temporary assembly, Dragomir was able to add damage and wear across the suit.

Then it was into casting and carving the background from plaster, model assembly, primer and under painting. Dragomir was the first person to show me salt weathering several years ago - he is still making great use of it!!! (NOTE: You can click on any of these to see them bigger!)

A bit more detailing work and double checking placements for fit as well as shadow and light and it is nearly done! From here he took the following picture and let it sit for a bit to see if there was anything that required significant change before final touch ups.

Whenever you have the option (ie. you aren't painting the night or minutes leading up to a competition entry deadline....but I mean who does that....riiiiiiiight ;P ) this is a really good practice to be in. It is also at this stage having a couple of really critical friends can make those finishing touches so worthwhile.

The finished piece with light cascading through the window in all its atmospheric glory. 
Just awesome!

Back again soon with more cool work (even my own!) to share :)

James TKKultist Craig

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