Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A new Home!

Ok, so I am horribly behind on both updates and my golden demon entries... But I have good reason!!!!! Today I have taken possession and started my move into a new house - pretty sweet! As such all my packing and whatnot for the move is what has really put me behind.

Ah well, my new gaming den will be awesome - I will post pictures of it when it is rennovated.

As to my Demon entries - Yes there will still be entrieS (plural) - I have made some serious ground on my WFB large entry (a beastman chariot). I have made good progress on my WFB unit (a mordheim beastman warband) and have great faith that I will complete both a LOTR single figure and an entry for either open or large. I will have updates of my progress on a few of these models added to this site so keep watching. I will update my secret plans again after Games Day as between now and then - there really are no other plans :)

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