Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Return from Games Day & General Update

I have returned from Games Day Canada 2006 with a shiny new Silver Trophy from the WFB regiment category. I am exceptionally pleased with this result and with having made cut in 2 other categories including the exceptionally difficult WFB Large model category (where this years Slayer model was entered).

This year, however, I came out with more than just a silver I came out with a whole new feeling of pride and excitement.

In case you have been living under a rack and are unaware of it, the French Golden Demon painters are considered to be amongst the best in the world. This year a group of dedicated hobbyists sponsored a group of these artists to come ove, teach some painting lessons and to join us in the Golden Demon competition. Living up to the hype this small group of painters did extremely well in the competition. What excites me, however, is that my models did not look the least bit out of place next to theirs. In fact, the third place position in the WFB large category reputedly came down to a choice between my model and one of theirs. This has really confirmed for me the amount of growth I have seen developing in my work over the past two years. I am really proud of this and am confident that great things lay ahead for me.

Now with this years competition out of the way, I have the following to focus on as my short and long term goals:

  1. I have been promising updates to the gallery for quite some time now - in the immediate future you will see new sections added, pictures of my games room and workspace, pictures of display models and armies as well as some new pictures of my Golden Demon models.

  2. I am getting married July 8th - this means that miniature production is about to grind to a temporary halt as I prepare and focus on that. You will not likely see any updates other than the gallery pictures between now and the return from my honeymoon.

  3. GenCon - I am teachning lessons at Gencon this summer - SO SIGN UP!!!! Mention my secret plans and I will give you a discount on my classes.

  4. Back to Painting - In august I will be returning to the paint table to continue work on my beastman horde. I would really like to see this army done within a year. I will be working on the giant, some units and hopefully some of them will prove to be golden demon worthy for next spring.

  5. Working to promote THE LOST. I am looking to help the lost become a premiere Canadian gaming club and forum. Nic and Erik have been appointed the new leaders of this crew and im sure we will be able to bring togtether great events and a spirit of adventure and excitement.

In 2006 Join the legions of THE LOST!!!!

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