Friday, May 18, 2007

Orteza Greens


 Continuing with the spotlight on the work of a few of my friends I have put some more of Joe Orteza's greens in my friends gallery section. They are WIP pics that he sent me for comment and critique and to update me on how it was all going.  This is one of the things that competitive painters often have trouble with - finding people who will give honest worthwhile critique and who can keep your pieces a secret until their grand unveiling. Im just glad that there are people who I can call upon and who feel comfortable and confident in calling upon me for such things. 


 I already had the ones for his incredible skaven sculpt up but now I have added the pics I have of his Dark Angel hero that was done for the Black Gobbo article seen here.

It is a great article featuring three great people (Yes even you Dave) whose work is really a great inspiration to me (Yes.... even you Dave...) so please check it out!

 Dont Drink The Potion!

Dave Says: "Dont Drink The Barbarian Potion!!!"

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