Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thats what friends are for…

As a new update I have added a new section in my "friends" gallery for the talented and charismatic Tim Kohlmetz. Tim is an incredible painter and has long been a great inspiration to many up and coming painters (myself included).

Unfortunately, he is very painfully ugly... sorry Tim - I know it is the pot calling out the kettle but really now.... as such I will only show off clear pictures of his beautiful miniatures for now (compensating perhaps?)..... Hopefully I will bea able to post pics of the man himself once I have mastered the technology to add enough gauzian blurs to his face to make it palatable for all. ;)


   [Tim in his natural habitat] 

That being said, hopefully this will only be the first of several additions to the Kohlmetz section of my gallery as his work really is exceptional and I am proud to showcase it here.


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