Friday, June 15, 2007


Any of you who know me also know that I am a long time fan of Games Workshop's Chaos armies. As such I figured I would post these previews in case any other fans out there hadnt seen them posted elsewhere yet

 Bits sprue

First is the chaos command sprue - in the fashion of many recent plastic releases from GW, Chaos will get this cool spue of extra chaos bits in with their marines. I especially like the banners for the four powers and undivided.


Next is the chaos Lord with jump pack - a very cool model which I definitely intend to add to my army. I am pleased with the format for the lightning claws as this should also become an orderable bit allowing for more simple powerfist to lightning claw conversions throughout the range...

This is the recut Chaos sprue - not much extra beyond the inclusion of an additional marine on the sprue. I didnt think these models needed to be changed anyway.


The cool new plastic Chaos termies - great for converting and the really nice thing is that they are close enough in style to the metal ones that models will not be totally outmoded by the introduction of these - making for many options and rebuilds for existing players.

The much anticipated Chaos termie Lord - beautiful parts lots of great options, cool sculpted  base option - just an awesome model!

The posessed sprue!!! HOT DAMN!! this is going to be a total boon to chaos converters everywhere. the bits look super cool - I am REALLY excited about these.

Chaos character Huron Blackheart!!! FINALLY! I made a conversion of him many years ago for a friend and have always loved this character.  For the model - I like some of the parts here but I think I will have to reserve final judgement until after I see him assembled and painted.


The best for last ... LOVE THIS MODEL - Between this and the new juggernaught model that Jes Goodwin is apparently sculpting I may actually have to do a khorne army this time around!!! mmmmmm Corn........ er... Khorne.......

Thats all for now!

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