Saturday, June 09, 2007

Collection Obsession

I have a long and probably unhealthy facination with the ephemera of the Warhammer universes - I find something incredibly satisfying with the strange bizarre and almost embarassing figures of the past.  Dont get me wrong - some ideas and sculpts from the history of this game are brilliant - just look at the unit I did for Golden Demons this year and you will see at least one beastman that is older than many of the people I play against. But there have been many wild and wacky ideas which over time have been culled from the Warhammer and 40K backgrounds. A couple of years ago I decided to display a section of my personal collection which included all of the races of figures which had been produced at one tie or another for WFB and 40K but which were no longer  supported. The results are seen in the graveyard scene below. As the name plate says I have dedicated it to the Collecting Citadel Minitures webgroup without whom this would not have been possible.


    ld2.jpg  ld9.jpg   ld1

The pieces memorialised in this graveyard include the piscean warrior (space fish man), Jokaero (the actual Jokaero model which was inked and photocopied to make the original citadel flyer picture for selling these miniatures - thanks to Kev White of Hasslefree miniatures and formerly GW for that!!!) The Gyrinx (eldar cat/fox familiar), Zoats, the protoype tyranid figure, the Dominators, The Ambull, Imperial Cyber Minotaur, Imperial Beastmen, The Catachan Death Ferret, Ceantaurs, Fimir, Snakemen, the ever PC Pygmies (eek!),  the Slaan and at the top of the hill the much beloved squats complete with figure weeping infrustration at the base of their memorial which reads " The Squats May they Never Rest In Peace". I have added a number of pictures of this project to the collecting area of my galleries - so check them out is you want to see more :)

Also in this section you will see pics of one of my favorite pieces in my collection - an unreleased WFB Samurai Beastman! Never made available to the general public this is a reare piece indeed! When I get the chance I will also be adding shots of my unreleased Warmaster scale Brettonian models to my for trades section....


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