Friday, July 13, 2007

Workbench Photo

So I have recieved a couple of messages recently asking what My workspace actually looks like, what kind of lighting I use etc.  Apparently these are fairly common questions of painters - one of my favorites Jakob Rune Nielsen  ( ) has pictures of his work area and regular updates about what is developing on his desktop.As such I have taken a couple of quick pics here:

Table 2

 Table 1 Paint table 3

My workspace consists of a Very Comfy chair (commonly referred to in my house as the "captains chair" - presumably for its vague resemblance to one of Captain Kirk's seats of command.....) a trya table with  a games workshop Paint station (overpriced but I LOVE it...) and a set of lights.

I have one over the shoulder reading lamp, two adjustable swing arm desk lamps and an Ott style light (actually I picked this one up at Staples for half the price of a genuine Ott light and it is WONDERFUL!). I equipped each of the lamps with a daylight bulb to get the best light I can out of them.

My paint palette is a comic bag and white backing board insert. I can see the colours really well, it is non-absorbent, you can peel the paint off after if you are so inclined, and you can flip it over if one side becomes too messy. As it is an archival bag for your comics, it is also PH neutral and will not leach anything into your paint. Sweet Deal! 

As you can also see I like Loctite gel super glue - sweetest applicator bottle ever! Vallejo and W&N Series 7 brushes,  A selection of Vallejo Game colour, Vallejo Model colour, Games Workshop, GW Foundation paints, Reaper master Series, P3 and other assorted paints. The clear bottle on the right hand side is actually filled with a mixture of W&N Flow aid and water pre-mixed and ready to use. I also use distilled water - though it isn’t visible as such in the picture - Does that have any real effect on the paint? I dunno but I figure it cant hurt. ;)

Well that’s it for now - I have to get back to using this workstation to paint my Golden Demon Chicago entry - if you have any questions - feel free to post them using the comments link below!


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