Sunday, August 12, 2007

More TNA Goodness! WIP


Sorry for the Day of Delay but I think it will be worth it.

By demand I have added WIP shots of many of the Team North America pieces in my galleries (see samples below). Ther has been a great deal of demand to see how these fantastic pieces were made and hopefully this will give a bit of insight into the brilliance and madness of some of my teammates. If you wish to see the rest of the pics just head into the Team North America section of my galleries and look up MMVII (the 2007 group showing). There is now an additional section of the gallery called "WIP Shots" which lists the entires by name and shows pictures of the models as they were being built. I have put uup pictures of as many of them as I have.





The Alpharius one has the most pictures because...well its mine so I had lots of opportunity to shoot it - but there are WIP shots of Nathan's Ferrus, Angela's Rogal Dorn, Tom's Lion ElJonson, Butcher's Wordbearers, Shawn's Perturabo, Chris's Fulgrim and Joe's Khan. (all clickable links for the lazy amoungst us).  I also have nome new shots of Perturabo and the Preheresy Kharn





Next Week: Back to updating saturday - There will be a review of Reaper Master Series Paints by Slayer winner and TNA teammate Chris Borer and I will also be adding the above team project photo as a wallpaper in my downloads! Cya then.

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