Friday, August 03, 2007


ell unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have probably heard about Chicago Games Day and the debut of Team North America.  I was honoured to be invited to join this clandestine team of painters to partake in a special secret project for Chicago games Day.This whole concept came from Ben Hardy and Joe Orteza who gathered together a like minded group of exceptional painters from across the continent to do something really different in the Golden Demons. We each selected a Primarch or Heresy Era model to build and bring and we hired Wayne at to provide us with matching plinths (done in a North American hardwood of course!) to visually tie together our entries. This was a particularily special project in that we knew going into it that these very special pieces were only going to be eligible in three categories - 40k single, 40k squad and Open.  As such, we couldnt all possibly win demons for our efforts - Instead we decided that it would be even better to make a single unified visual statement about what was possible and the value of working together. I think it was hugely successful and I am INCREDIBLY PROUD to have been a part of this.The projects completed for Chicago include:

Angela Imrie - Rogal Dorn - Primarch of the Imperial Fists 

1st cut 40k single

Chris Borer - Fulgrim - Primarch of the Emperors Children 

Slayer/Gold 40K single


Dave Taylor - Captain Garro of the Death Guard - 1st cut Open

(better pictures to come!)

James Craig (me!) - Alpharius - Primarch of the Alpha Legion 

1st cut 40k single

Joe Orteza - Jaghatai Khan - Primarch of the White Scars 

1st cut 40k single

Mike Butcher - Captain Jarulek - Dark Apostle Word Bearers 

1st cut 40k squad

Nathan Comanse - Ferrus Manus - Primarch of the Iron Hands 

1st cut 40k single

Shawn Welte - Perturabo - Primarch of the Iron Warriors

1st cut open

Tom Schadle - Lion El'Jonson - Primarch of the Dark Angels

1st cut 40k single

The majority were sculpts as the background speaks of Primarchs towering above their Space Marine brethren. In following with this we selected the archaeon on foot model as a general guideline - though the majority of us built to approximately 42mm head to toe. As such it was a very challenging project for us all - one that really called upon us to stretch our creative abilities.

Aside From the primarchs there were a number of other projects by our team members including:

Jeff Wilhelm - Gold 40K Large

Nathan Comanse - Silver 40K Large

Angela Imrie - Gold LOTR Group

Tom Schadle - Silver WFB Single


Aaron Wilson - Bronze WFB Single




Chris Borer - Dark Angel Successor - Gold Open

And one of my absolute favorite models of the day: 

Dave Pauwels - Femme Militant - Silver Open


Dave and his beautiful fiance were also the one who hosted our amazing after party - Thanks so much to you both -  which was a pretty incredible gathering with not only the team but also Jeremie from France, my buddy Mathieu from Montreal and the ever fabulous paintrix Jennifer Haley from Chicago.

 I have placed a BUNCH of photos from both the teams projects and the after party in my TEAM NORTH AMERICA galleries. I will be adding more as pictures are sent to me and as I get them off my camera so check back for updates!

Next week I will also be posting more pics from Games Day as well as some WIP shots so that you can see how Alpharius was built and painted!


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zabos said...

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