Friday, October 12, 2007

A short update this week - First I want to plug my upcoming tournaments
There will be a 40K tag team event (2players per team) on October 21 in Trenton Ontario. I am running this event (sponsored by J&B Books Trenton) and there is still room for teams. For more details including list restrictions, times etc. please check out in the Tournaments and Events forum or email me direct at second event is a Cities of Death 500 point Combat patrol event which I will host (sponsored by J&B Books Trenton) on November 25th - also in Trenton.   For more details including list restrictions, times etc. please check out in the Tournaments and Events forum or email me direct at Sign up is just starting at the forums and at J&B Books so check it out!!!

I will also be running an apocalypse mega battle/Demo Thursday October 18th from 3:00 pm until around 6:00 at Scalliwag Toys in Belleville and there will be a follow up one in Trenton run by Shane Sweetapple at J&B Books on October 27th

I am looking to start running hobby afternoons at Scalliwag Toys every month or two (prob work out to every 6 weeks when all is said and done!) These will be painting and modelling seminars and will include members of the local youth game club branch of The Lost CGN Club  as well as hobbiests from the local community.

Aside from all these events, I am proud to say that my Zoats are creeping ever closer to completion. At this point I have only 3 left to paint for the 1500 point force I will be taking to Astronomi-con. Once that is done I will begin the dipping process, dull coat them  and finish their bases. The fimir are still at the stage where they are painted but their bases are not yet started. Also I need to write up my list and background info to hand to my opponents - this means it will still be a race to the finish line for my rediculous little project but I am feeling positive about the whole experience thus far.  Hopefully I will have a proper  photo update for you next week so you can see what these bad @$$es will actually look like!

In the meantime feast your eyes on this little gem from my collection:


And here is the description from Wikipedia:

Unreleased baby Zoat with staff (also a single piece casting and much smaller than either the full production or limited edition Zoats. It is thought among Citadel collectors that less than 10 of these exist).

 Im not sure how many do or do not actually exist but I do have one - pretty rad eh? If you are really interested in collectable Out of Production or Unreleased GW figures check out the Collecting Citadel Miniatures group link on this page. And, better yet, if you have any of those types of figs that you would like to trade, sell, whatever - shoot me an email :)

Cya next week

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