Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fear the Fimir

This isnt the update I wanted to make (Zoat/Fimir army pictorial) but life has a way of getting in the way of my hobby from time to time :P

That having been said this is a chance for me to answer a question I got a couple of tmes regarding my Fimir warrios in the army. The quetion has centered around the fact that the Plastic models I have used are actually from a game called Heroquest. Neil from the Astronomi-con discussion list and forums ( asked about their legitimacy for inclusion in a GW santctioned event. Here is an exerpt from my response which I hope answers the question for several of you :)

Hey Neil - dont mind questions or discussion about my work and I well expected that somebody wouldnt like my little bit of silly fluffy fun.  I think I enjoyed GW Canada's own Cory Burns' responce the most when he said this is probably the best paintjob one of those old Fimir has ever had, anywhere, ever!

This isnt the first time I have had some real fun with the orphans of the GW universe - a couple of years ago I did a diorama for games day of all the races which no longer exist or are no longer supported in the 40k or wfb universe - including the Fimir. It was a graveyard and a true testiment to the silliness which has invaded our favorite game over the years - pygmies, zoats, one of the tyranid prototypes, jokaero, gyrinx, piscean warriors (space fish men), squats, snakemen, cyber minotaurs, imperial beastmen etc.

A little history of the models for those who are unaware or were wondering what the hell I used Heroquest was a GW collaboration board game - one of their many Forays into the board game world - the difference with HQ was that it was collaborative with a major company - in this case milton bradly. If you look at the back of the heroquest box (or on the front and sides of the advanced heroquest box) you will clearly see the Games workshop logo/trademark.  Fimir themselves are a proprietary trademark/copyright of Games Workshop and part of the Warhammer history and mythos. In fact the fimir were created by Jes Goodwin to be a special trademark race for Warhammer - something unique to their mythos that people would recognise and react to. From an online source:

The Fimir were created at the behest of Games Workshop's then-owner, Bryan Ansell who wanted a race "to be as distinctive of Warhammer as the Broo are of Runequest". However, the Fimir did not prove >popular, and disappeared with the 4th edition of WFB. Also: Very few (official) sources on Fimir exist and include the WFRP Bestiary, an article in White Dwarf No. 102, the third edition of WFB (Bestiary and Warhammer Armies) and some references in supplements. The last official appearance of the Fimir in a GW publication was in 1999.

I have a few metal fimir as well - one of whom I will be using as another lord model as my army expands - sculpted by Nick Bibby for warhammer fantasy battle in the 1980's. Unfortunately the Fimir did not go over well and after a short run of models they ceased to be supported and faded into the memories of old farts like me. There are several great examples of fimir armies made up of the HQ and metal fimir out there but I have not seen one in at least a decade now.

So if anyone out there has any more questions (or an all Fimir army - I would LOVE to see one again!!!!) please feel free to ask.

That's it until next Saturday when I should hopefully (Finally) have a pictorial of my army!!! ~James

P.S. For anyone planning onpicking up the new GW moonscape set - It is AWESOME. I liked them so much that I got 5 ........

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