Friday, February 01, 2008

Dragomir Part 2

Before we get started with this weeks update (which is AWESOME if I do say so myself....) I would like to take a moment to thank all those who tune in each week to this,  my little corner of warp space.  That being said, once my baby comes (any time now!) I intend to make an immediate update regarding that (pics and everything!) and then will not update again until the first Saturday in March as I will be busy helping my wife and newborn. Do make sure you check in though as I will have the third installment of LITW's spotlight on Slayer Sword winning painter Dragomir Milanovic! Until then Here is PART 2:


So welcome back true believers! Today I present two more pieces from the archives of LITW friend and painter Dragomir.

The first of these pieces is his bust of Horus. This started out as the Spacewolf terminator bust from forgeworld but became something totally insane by the time it was finished. The pictures do this model little justice, even so it is a hugely impressive piece of conversion/resculpting work. 

The things that I like the most about it are the lettering done on several of the surfaces and the veining that shows through the thin layers of skin tone on the head. This was actually the inspiration for the similar skin tones and veining on my Alpharius figure (I actually went to Dragomir for advice throughout the building and painting of my figure).

Overall this was a really sweet model which went far beyond the boundaries of the initial core model to become something entirely original and definitively Dragomir's.

The second piece was also pretty special in that it represented something really different for Dragomir in his Golden Demon entries and modelling projects. Where his last 3 pieces had all been large scale models and mostly scratch built/sculpted, his new project was to take an existing GW model - the ubiqquitous Chaos Rhino at that - and to try and put a worthy twist on it.

His work in milliput was a real eye opener for me and through talking to him about it I picked up many useful insights that I still use while sculpting today. The basework was something that I really enjoyed and I have to say that this model stood tall and proud garnering lots of attention in what was arguably the most talked about Golden Demon category of the day. In the end another LITW friend Vince Hudon won gold and Slayer for his entry in the same category (the incredible Magmatrax), Dragomir took silver with this Chaos Rhino and LITW contributor, Slayer sword Winner and fellow Team North America painter Chris Borer took Bronze for his Landraider.

While he didnt get the gold, Dragomir did get the award that he most coveted for the day - the Forgeworld Best in Show. This was a pretty cool moment for him and certainly a well deserved honour.  LOTS of more pics of both of these models including WIP shots can be seen in the Dragomir section of my friends galleries!

COMING SOON: Dragomir Part 3 -More Models! More Awards! AND an Interview with the man himself!

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