Tuesday, March 04, 2008



I will call him Mini-Me... or Jack.... whichever.

Yeppers Im a daddy now! Here are a few shots of my little man.  He is just so cool! (and yes he was actually born with a  Mohawk - it is not something i subjected him to just for pictures ;P )

With his arrival I have been thrust horribly behind on any Golden demon plans I may have had for this year. Surprisingly that doesnt bother me all that much :)  So we will see what I have to compete with this go round but I have confirmed at this point that I will be at both Games Day Toronto and Chicago.

Cya next week with an actual miniature related article (perhaps I will sculpt a great unclean one from the inspiration I find in his diapers - UGh!)  


 Cya Next Week ~ James AKA Tkkultist

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Malface said...

Congrats buddy :) Jack looks like a keeper... you could always enter HIM into the Golden Daemons... I'm sure he'll make a mess of the competition in whatever category's display case he's put! WAugh!