Monday, July 07, 2008

Check 1….Check Check 2…. can you hear me out there?

Hey everyone - sorry for the recent lack of update, I had a few computer issues and with the rush to get ready for games day I hadn't cued up any extra articles to launch over the last week or so.

First, I would really like to thank Team Montreal for their incredible hospitality at Games Day and for the contribution that they make to the hobby culture here in Canada. It really is an amazing thing you do bringing people together.

Toronto went much as I expected. There were some beautiful pieces in demons this year. The slayer sword was a very worthy piece , and there was a lot to inspire. my favorite piece was again by John Papoulakos - there is just something I really love about his style.

The Aeronautica Imperialis battle scene I entered nearly placed (4th in category) but it really wasnt quite ready. I hadnt spent enough time bringing the highlights on my pilots back up after having glazed them altogether - so they were smooth but lacking in contrast and not to the level I wanted them. Also the rock left me a little bland, it didnt do anything to really help focus attention on the intended focal points - again not enough contrast. Now, however, I have had the opportunity to put in a bit of extra brush time and really finish it up properly. The downside is it will have to be in the open category if I take it to Chicago instead of duel where I wanted it (that'll teach me to read the rules about basing size restrictions first!) but hey its a neat pece and I am proud to show it off regardless.

I am also working on another piece for Chicago which I am very relieved to say is coming along great! Im not prepared to let the entire secret out but I can say it is for my beasts army (and yes that means it will be on a swamp base and predominantly grey - though I have switched that up a bit this time) It will be a big piece for the army and will be in the WFB Large category.

If you are in Halifax in late July or early august you will likely catch me working on it or showing it off at the GW store there as I will be on the East coast visiting relatives. Also I will be running a couple of seminars there for painting and sculpting. Details to follow by this weekend's regular post (back on track! WOOT)

See you at weeks end then!


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