Saturday, July 12, 2008

International Incident 2: Fun Times In the Windy City!

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Welcome back readers,

Today I have the schedule for Chicago Games Day's special painters area featuring Team North America and members of our friends in Team Montreal. What is really exciting are the seminars being run throughout the day. I would Definitely suggest you get there early and sign up for one as thee are only 5 students in each section- with the exception of the double class run by Joe Orteza AND Chris Borer (HOLY $#!%) which will take 10 pupils.

Here are a couple additional Fun facts for y'all:

  • If my count is right, between the Team North America and Team Montreal painters who will be at the painting table table we share 96 demons and countless other awards!

    • Just the Team North America members present on the day share an even total of 100 demons amongst us!!!!!!!

    • Of the Team North America and Team Montreal painters Chris Borer has the most demons with 20, followed by Joe Orteza with 14, Jeff Wilhelm's 11 and Terry Peterson and myself (James Craig) with 9 each.

    • Chris Borer also has the most slayer wins with 3 followed by Team Montreal's Vince Hudon with 2 and Jeff Wilhelm with 1.

    And Now the schedule - hope to see you there!



    Seminar – no seminar - doors opening

    Table - Jeff Wilhelm - Joe Orteza - Brice Cocanour - Mathieu Fontaine


    Seminar: Nathan Comase - Converting/Scratchbuilding/Weathering Vehicles for Warhammer 40,000 :Apocalypse

    Table - Chris Borer - Mathieu Fontaine - Jeff Wilhelm - Kent Plumb

    12 :00

    Seminar: Terry Peterson: Weathering Techniques

    Table - Joe Orteza - Shawn Welte - Vince Hudon - James Craig


    Seminar: Brice Cocanour - Miniature Prepping and Blending Techniques

    Table - Nathan Comase - Mathieu Fontaine - Chris Borer - Jeff Wilhelm

    2 :00

    Seminar: Jeff Wilhelm – Basing techniques

    Table - Joe Orteza - Vince Hudon - Alex Nemes - Aaron Wilson


    Seminar: Mathieu Fontaine : Blending

    Table - Nathan Comase - Chris Borer - Terry Peterson - Samuel Josquin



    Seminar: Joe Orteza and Chris Borer – Greenstuff Sculpting and Conversion
    Table - Brice Cocanour -James Craig -Terry Peterson - Nathan Comase


    Until Next week - Keep Painting, Keep Practising and Keep your fingers crossed for me - Competition will be FIERCE at Chicago Games day!


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