Friday, August 29, 2008

Back From Hali - So whats Next?

Here are a couple of pics from my seminars on sculpting and painting that I ran in Halifax.


It was a really great time and as I promised the crew you see here in the pictures I will also be starting some new posts of tutorials for some basic sculpting techniques - a set of "how to" articles for making useful details out of putty - things like books, hair, chainmail etc. If you have a particular request please let me know by either posting here on the site or by emailing me at


And thanks again to the Crew at GW Halifax for making me feel so welcome - Ill see y'all again when I am down at Christmas time!

Aside from the upcoming tutorials Ill also be showing some WIp shots of a few other things Im working on - notably my new unit of Centigors for my Beasts of Chaos. These are arguably the worst unit in my army - 5 of them cost as many points  as an entire beast herd, they are regular calvary, have a terrible saving throw and often end up with random stupidity foir being drunk.That being said, I think the models kick @$$ and I just cant seem to get away from using them..... So I might as well make them the next unit to be painted for my army.  I dont know yet whether they will be done to a full GD level or not, I think I will wait and see how things go and how I feel as I work on them (also how time constraints come into play as I have some very ambitious GD plans for this season....)

See y'all next week!


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