Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Giant Spawn

Had a great time in Halifax - thanks to all who camme out to my classes and a special word of praise to the staf of the Halifax GW - they are an AMAZING crew and deserve some serious props!

So aside from that I had promised a pic or two of this when I had the opportunity to photograph it but even better than one of my cruddy pics here is a very nice pic that was shot by Dirty Steve!!!


Id love to hear what some of y'all think of it based on the pic - please feel free to use the add comment button you find at the end of each of my entries - i always like to hear what people think and id love to see some lively discussion develop on here.

Also - by popular request, over the next few months you will see many more tutorials finding their way onto the site. Many of the teaching aids I have used in various classes will be filed on the site.  If there is a specific tutorial you would like to see dont hesitate to ask!

I will have more reference pics to put up, another entry on the work of Dragomir, some additional reviews and hopefully a couple of interviews with the people behind some of my favorite games!

 Anyhoo until next week!


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