Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Painting Contests and More!

So I have been busy recently doing a pile of hobby related stuff!First, I have started to make some genuine progress on a couple of my golden demon pieces for this year - a very exciting thing for me -and can say "So far SO GOOD!" I am very pleased thus far even though I am in early prep stages for most of it. My workspace has even been tidied and I am ready to move ahead full steam!

 Second I have been given the pleasure of judging with great local painting contest that I would like to share with you all.The first was with one of the local Game Stores - Scalliwag Toys . They ran a contest where people who bought the new Black Reach set were then given a few weeks to paint up one of the models from their set and submit it for judging. The winner was then given a Unit/Regiment Box of their choice as a prize! I think that this is a really fantastic way to promote the hobby and to encourage people to get their models together and ready to play.  So Kudos to them for running this!

The winner was painted by Matt Dey, an area college student with a long experience of miniature painting. His entry, the Ork Warboss above had a really great grasp of model composition - the well painted face was deinitely the focal point and the overall colour use (sceme/contrast/placement) really puled the whole model together. 

Here are a selection of some of the other models in the competition that represent the gamut of experience and creativity that shone through in this particular comp. I was very pleased with the originality of some of the colour schemes and the overall look of the models.The Third Thing that Id like to point you all towards checking out is the Mordheim league that I am currently running for the club at the highschool wherre I work.We have started playing a Sartosa (WFB's Pirate Island!) themed campaign and it has gotten off to an incredible start! There are currently TWELVE warbands batttling across the island. We have also started a "Tale of Many Gamers" in the vein of GW's inspiring Tale of Four Gamers where my players earn points and prizes (both in game bonuses and actual tangible prizes) for completing an ongoing series of challenges.  I would encourage you all to check out our amazing progress at The Lost Forums. Our posts are in the "Sartosa Campaign" section of the forum.   Some very cool stuff that will have regular weekly updates!

 Finally I would like to point my readers to upcoming events in this area - The first being the 40K 5th ed. Tournament Sunday Oct 26th in Trenton Ontario sponsored by J&B Books - This one is full but you are more than welcom to come check out the cool armies and hang out. The second is November 23rd and is a WFB Hall Of Heroes Tournament sponsored by Scalliwag Toys. There is still space available for this event but it is filling up fast so contact me to sign up if you are interested in playing. Of course visitors are always welcome to drop in for that one as well.

Cya next week (yes I actually mean it - I will have another post per week schedule up and running again after my spotty performance as of late :P)