Thursday, October 30, 2008

Anything but Boring!

Golden Tom
Moonlit necromancer
by footofadhesivetape

Toms Boring Mordheim Forum - You will find a new link to this super cool gaming community on the left side of my page. If, like me, you have great love for the game of Mordheim then this is the place to be.  It is the home of a really enthusiastic, talented and genuinely nice group of gamers who are actively working to further develop this hobby.

Below you will see a model which relates directly to this "development" as one of the forum members is Cianty who is a developer for the incredible new Border Town Burning suppliment (BTB) being published online for Mordheim!

Silver Tom
Dragon Monk on Temple Dog
(for Border Town Burning supplement)
by Cianty

You may have also noticed that these pics have titles under them which denote some kind of award - In this case The Golden Tom Awards. The Golden Tom itself went to footofadhesivetape for is very atmospheric necromancer with its superb source lighting (pictured at the top of this article).

This was a Mordheim themed painting contest held on the forum which I was pleased to help out with.  There was an incredible array of really great interesting and thematic models. The one that won bronze (pictured below) was one of my personal favorites for the fact that it evoked not just a really cool feel but also shows a spell directly from the game in the casting process - just a really cool additional story element coupled with a nice conversion and some smooth paint definitely adds up to a winner in my books.


Bronze Tom
Magister casting Dark Blood by UnderBheit

These were not the only cool pieces - far from it! I will post a few more of them here but I really encourage you to head on over to Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum and check them all out for yourself! (man I sound like a cheesy advert for used cars - oh well...)

 Cya Next week!


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