Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Last Call For WFB Tournament!

A mid week extra! 

Hi all - As many of you know, I am running a Warhammer Tournament this weekend - sponsored by Scalliwag Toys. With A couple of backouts I actually have a few spaces remaining for players - We have more than enought to run the event but arent filled to capacity so if you want to come out and try your hand at a tournament the details are:


A 3 round Hall of Heroes Warhammer Fantasy Tournament

Event Name:  Warhammer Fantasy "Fall Brawl" TournamentEvent

Overview: This will be a 3 round HOH tournament held in Trenton Ontario

When: Sunday Nov. 23 2008. Doors will open at  9:15. First Game 10:00.

Cost: $15

Sign Up at >tkkultist@gmail.com

Location: Military Family Resource Center CFB Trenton - Rivers Dr E Trenton, ON> http://maps.google.ca/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=Rivers+Dr+east,+Trenton,+ON&ll=44.115783,-77.552061&spn=0.021968,0.053558

# of Player Spots: 16

This will be a 3 round 2000 point HOH WFB tournament run in conjunction with Scalliwag Toys in Belleville and "The Lost" gaming club
with Great Prizes and lots of Fun! The whole thing should end around 5:30.

There will be an extra prize for best objective counter!!!!  It should represent "Loot" - some sort of treasure or important object/artifact/wounded soldier/thing 
for your force. It must be modelled on a standard base (infantry/monster/cavalry)  no larger than 40mm.

Well thats it for now folks - shoot me an email if you would like to come. There are currently 3 spaces remaining!

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