Wednesday, November 26, 2008

To the Victor goes the spoils….

Hey folks - it is my great pleasure to present the work of a fellow Canadian painter who I greatly admire - Victor Lu.

Victor may have only won his first demon this year but he has been a staple of the Ontario painting scene for several years now (I think he has like 9 warpstone awards!!!!! and has been narrowly squeezed out of a demon a couple of times in TOUGH single fig categories).


When I first met Vic he was still a youngblood and already doing some impressive work. What has most impressed me, however, is his determination to improve and succeed. If you are a painter of any repute or reknown and have shown up to a Conflict or Games Day event in Ontario over the last several years then you have likely had Victor pick your brain about ways to improve and techniques that have excited him. THe Scary thing is how much of what you tell him he actually retains and can make practical use of!!!! As a result his work has grown by leaps and bounds over the last several years in exciting new directions. I would think that amoung his major influences Vic would list LostintheWarp friends Vince"Boltman" Hudon, Mathieu Fontaine, and Dragomir amoungst others.

Victor reports his current level of productivity is at a bit of a low as he works to finish Highschool (yeah disgusting he is that talented that young aint it!) with the same level of dedication and distinction that have established him as an elite painter. Yet, I have no doubt though that we will be seeing more from him in the not so distant future and Im sure it will be fantastic! Keep up the excellent work Victor!

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