Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Gaming Space

A few people have asked about the room I posted a pic of a couple weeks ago - It is indeed a dedicated room in my house all for my models and hobby and toy obsessions!

Come on In!

Here is the Corner of my Games table with a bit of my 40k scenery

My actual work area:

My Cabinets full of my demons, one off finished display pieces and WIP pieces:

My humble airbrushing area - it isnt much of a spray booth but it works for me for now!

My shelves of Game Books and boxed kits/sorted groupings - I love the Medium/Deep GW Mailorder boxes because they fit so nicely on my shelf! I sort my models/sprues into them by army/race and label the box so that I have easy access to what I need.

Here is a special piece just waiting for me to be inspired.....

Here you see the shelf with my white dwarf collection - going back into a smattering of pre #100 and pretty consistantly through after that.  Also my bits cabinets - all labelled by race or purpose WFB on the left, Chaos/multi system in the centre, 40k on the right and scenery/specialist games/other manufacturers (reaper/rackham/RalPartha) on the bottom!

From my point of view: I would like to thank my incredible wife for alowing me this space and for supporting my obsessions.

+++ on the other hand +++

From her point of view: "Thank God he's got a spot to put all this stuff and to keep it out of the rest of the house!!!!"

Two points of view - One great space!

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