Monday, September 14, 2009

Blogging the Beasts 4

Centigors are next - as promised.

I know people on this board seem to like them but I think they are currently the most useless over priced unit in my army.

Too light to be heavy cav and no free reforms like light cav this unit for me is always distract and hope they get drunk. That being said - I rarely leave home without some as I think they are just about my favorite models GW has made for this army in recent years. THey just exude style. Heck I own 15 of em and just really hope the new book makes em play better or cheaper (or both ;) )

As such I figured it was about time I started actually painting a unit of these bad boys for my army. The first thing I want to say is that the way they are ranked for these pics will have little resemblance to the way they will look once I build their proper bases - the rearig back mordheim one on the end, for example will actually be mid unit and perpendicular to the others, but on a higher base so he convincingly clears the others in a way that looks pretty cool (at least it did in my blue tac mock ups)   :rolleyes:

As you can see in some of these WIP shots I have given them a few weapon swaps, beefed up all their little bucklers to chaos marauder sheilds and added some additional straps and armour plates - not enough to dramatically change the look of these great models but rather just enough to personalise them a little

So at this point I have them primed and have started laying in a few base tints and colours with my airbrush. One more session of spraying and I will be ready to pull out my brushes and get down to the real work :) ( I know in these pics it looks as if they are under a particularily warm toned  light source  - it is actually warm brown grey tones of paint instead - im trying for something a little different in my base colours this time :)

Hopefully I will update based on these and on the ungors I am working on very soon.

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