Monday, September 07, 2009

Blogging the Beasts 3

Between my the birth of my son and other substantial life changing events 2008 was a quiet year for me hobby wise though a very rewarding one over all.

I started on the model that would become the Mutant Monstrocity Chaos Giant for my army which I have since finished and which won me a bronze demon at the 2009 Toronto golden Demon competition (my 11th demon and the 5th for this army!!). I started with a Forge World Giant Chaos Spawn model and made a few small alterations - reposing it to fit on a standard GW "giant" base, getting rid of one of the appendages because the symmetry bothered me, sculpting additional eyes and details - though nothing so major as to change the feeling and overall look - just to detail it to my specific taste.

And in 2009 I also completed this minotaur which counts as 4 ungors (mounted on 50mm base for accuracy of ranking up) in the original herd that won me the silver all the way back in 2006. He made first cut at the 2009 Chicago Golden demons and got me a runner up pin - not bad for unit filler completed in only a couple of weeks!


I am also very pleased with his base - which looks good. I am going to go back and redetail the rest of this unit's bases a little to match more closely to this. On the army display tray I will have a swampy zone and a drier forested fringe area so that each unit's bases and custom movement trays will fit in seamlessly  :)

In the end I really like him - This model is one of my absolute favorite from GW  - it just oozes character and is IMHO SO MUCH better than the rest of their minotaur range.  The reason I dont field minotaurs in my army isnt because I am ignoring how effective they are, rather, it is a general dislike for the figures produced to date. This is the clear exception for me.

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