Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Blogging The Beasts 7


First up was the Minotaurs which I decided to make from the Ogres I had collected.  I bitz ordered marauder champion horse heads like the one above, got out my glue, knife and putty and got to work.... And after some reworking and rethinking I came up with the following for my first four.


I think they look pretty good though the learning curve has been interesting.  I will be making 4 more of these and expect that I will probably then come back and edit these a bit -several require more hair for a start and I intend to change the left arm of the club weilder as the pose is too compact -  but it is a good start nonetheless.  Also,  I genuinely like the look. Hot dang!!! Im not sure I am going to even bother with the new GW ones when they come out unless they are spectacular.

I am particularily pleased with the variety of looks that I have been able to achieve with the same horse head as the basis. A few new horns and some careful clipping made for great variety. I would especially like to thank the bloodletter champ who gave his horns to the cause in such an unselfish manner heh heh heh

As discussed in my previous post I decided to field a very different Beasts army for tthe upcoming Lost WFB Championship event. I would not be taking Morghur and creating the usual spawn spam list that i enjoy so much (I LOVE ARMY RANDOMNESS). Instead I would be creating an army around a Doombull and two units of minotaurs (which I didnt have), two herds (which meant painting up 20-30 ungors), two chariots (of which I only had one painted), my giant and a little extra surprise for my opponents if I manage to get it all done in one month of time......) Oh and I wanted it all painted.

These arent going to be golden demon pieces and so may have the odd rough edge but I think that they assembled well enough and, with a little application of skill, should paint up well enough that modelling flaws need not be noticable in any meaningful context.
 Well thats it for now - much to do - cya with my next installment.

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