Monday, January 04, 2010


So it has been about a month since I last posted and the honest truth is that Christmas holidays totally sucked away any spare web updating time I thought I might have.

So here is a belated Christmas card to all my readers....

Here are a couple pics of my son on Christmas morning (at my parents house) and while I was taking care of him on my own through the holidays....

I did manage a few random hobby things but not much (finished glueing arms on the dark elf bloodbowl team I made for a kid at school etc.) and I played some Dark Heresy with my buddies who came home for Christmas (oooh radicals handbook and dark conspiracies for Christmas......Drool!!!!)

Best gift of the season though goes to my wife who has agreed to purchase me a custom figure case from battlefoam to carry my beastmen in - more on this whole process to come in the next few months when I finalise which size/spaces I am going to need for new beasts army book stuff......

Otherwise we should now be back to buisness as usual - a new beasts post for next week is already prepared and the one for the week after is coming along nicely. I will continue blogging these for a bit in anticipation of the new book and will also update on my bloodbowl team in the next while.

Also please do check out my Bloodbowl League Blog which is updated weekly during our season!

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